Licor de Café

In its Gran Reserva Edition, is a tribute to Colombia and its proud coffee tradition

From Colombia

Coloma is the only coffee liqueur from the country with the best coffee.

All Natural
From the best shade-grown, “Excelso-Arabiga” coffee in the world.
Own Hacienda
Made on its own hacienda, from the best shade-grown.



Colombia’s reputation for producing the world’s best coffee is not pure coincidence.

The mountains of Colombia provide the perfect mix of altitude, dry and rainy seasons, as well as the mild temperatures needed to grow the best coffee in the world.

For centuries, growing and producing the best possible coffee has been a natitional tradition that the world has recognized.


The Place

Hacienda Coloma

Hacienda Coloma is still today a family-owned, 150 year-old house and plantation.

Since the early 1970’s, the Hacienda produces coffee, following a two-generation-old commitment to quality and tradition.

For Coloma Coffee Liqueur, and ist Ultra-Premium variant, Coloma Gran Reserva, it all starts here.

The Heritage

A Family Tradition

In the early 1970’s the Constain family started producing Coloma Coffee in Fusagasuga, a small town 50 miles south of the country’s capital, best known for growing the rare, shade-grown “excelso arabiga” coffee beans -the smoothest coffee beans Colombia has to offer.

The family started producing Coloma Coffee, the highest quality coffee form the region, and the plantation house became known as Hacienda Coloma.

Tasting notes

Coloma is the number one coffee liqueur in Colombia

Natural and meticulous production methods, we ensures a liqueur of delicious softness and complexiti, capable of revealing the fine notes of the best coffee of the world.


Deep amber brown


Soft intensity of roasted coffee, slight notes of vanilla


Round, smooth flavors of coffee and wood: complex hints of vanilla, chocolate, and smoke. Lenghty persistence.

The Many Ways to Enjoy


Coloma on the rocks

The best way to discern the magnificent complexity of Coloma Coffee Liqueuer. Sip slowly as you would a fine cognac.

Cocktails with Coloma gran reserva

Coloma Irish Sombrero

Coloma Gran Reserva over irish cream, served on the rocks

Colmbian B-52

1/2 oz Coloma, 1/2 oz irsh cream, 1/2 oz grand manier


1 oz Coloma, 2 oz vodka; mix well; serve in chilled tall glash with ice.

Coloma White Russian

1 shoot vodka, 1 shot coloma, 1 DS cream. Fill a shaker with ice and add the vooka and coloma, then shake well. Pour into a glass the nadd the cream.


Add Coloma to black coffee or to capuchino; top with whipped cream, sprinke with cinamon.


2 oz of milk, 2 oz of Coloma Gran Reserva, Serve over ice.

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